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Calle Pedro y Guy Vandaele No 20

Urb "El Sultan" 63

Corralejo 35660



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Welcome to RedYNet.
You Will Love Us And Our Service.

Bringing a 21st century work ethic to the Canary Islands.

Some Of Our Services

Red Y Net offers fast-response fix and repair work. We can usually return your device in 48 hours or less. We perform network installation and upgrades, internet security, Custom Laptops, Desktops and Server Sales and Configuration On-Site

We will do our very best to ensure you get the quality of service you deserve.

RedYNet is an IT business designed to deliver the very best quality and service to the islands of Fuerteventura and Lazarote. For almost 20 years we have ran an IT company in Ireland and we have had great success there. Now we have decided to take all the experience and knowledge we have gained over the last 16 years and offer our services to you.We can source almost any product available on the market from The latest Gadgets to standard PC's right through to TV's and TV boxes. Check out our Products page for a complete list of what we do and If you cant find it there then you can contact us and we will find it for you. IF WE CAN’T FIND IT, IT DOESN’T EXIST!

Our service is second to none and we will do what it takes to make sure you are happy

Here at RedYNet we are taking our well known reputation in Ireland to you. This means you will get what you are looking for at a reasonable price quickly and on time. As I am sure you know, The Canary Islands are not the easiest places in the world to get things to, but this doesn't mean it is impossible. Because of the relationships we have built over the years we are almost guaranteed to get your product to you in the shortest amount of time possible direct from the manufacturer. We work with both main distributors and manufacturers all over the world so if a product is not available from one agent then we should be able to source it from another one.  









Please contact us if you would like some info and we will respond to your request within 24 hours

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We take great pride in our accomplishments and in 2013 we are building a growing list of very pleased clients and we would like to add your name to this list. Simply  email us and we will have your address on file and you will receive our special offers.

Check out our support page

We offer all types of support just call and see how our techs handle your problems either by setting up your system

Or by basically fixing your network problems